European externalisation of migration control: the Spanish action as a model?

Publication date:
Lorenzo Gabrielli, Investigador GRITIM, Universidad Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona)

This article analyses the recent evolutions in the externalisation of the EU’s migration control in order to understand the extent to which the external dimension the Spanish government developed with regard to the countries of Sub-Saharan African in the second half of the 2000s has served as a model. For this, it addresses the genesis and the key elements of Spanish externalisation and examines the migration conditionality that was consolidated in the negotiation with third countries and its consequences. In conclusion, an assessment is made of the influence on European migration policy along with the consequences of this mimicry in the externalisation of migration control: the reproduction and amplification of past mistakes, both in terms of respect for the rights of migrants and refugees, and the human
security of the people in movement.

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Keywords: Externalisation; Immigration policies; Spain; Europe; Africa; Mediterranean