ADMIGOV Deliverable 4.2_ 2021

Protection during pre pandemic and COVID 19 periods in Turkey

Fecha de publicación:
Sibel Karadağ and Ayşen Üstübici

ADMIGOV Deliberable 4.2 (2021)

ADMIGOV WP4 Final Report on Turkey, following the Interim Report published in November 2020, details the framework, practices and lived experiences of protection for displaced people in Turkey, especially in the urban context of Istanbul but also provide s accounts related to smaller provinces and the Evros border area when relevant. In addition to the legal framework of protection, the report adopts a bottom up approach in the analysis of protection. In that regard, the report considers the multifaceted n ature of protection, in which a wide range of actors holding various webs of relationships and mindsets operate within certain historical and socio political contexts. An on the ground approach enables us to transcend the abstract, formal and technical pri nciples of protection and to provide a historically and spatially contextualised analysis of practices and discourses around protection. Based on online fieldwork conducted during the COVID 19 outbreak, the report considers continuities and ruptures in the practices of protection as well as gaps in access to protection before and during this period. Amongst the many spheres of interventions in the field of protection, the structure of the report focuses on three key areas: legal protection, healthcare and a ccommodation.