Migration and Development: Measuring migration aspirations and the impact of refugee assistance in Turkey

Fecha de publicación:
Ayşen Üstübici, Eda Kirişçioğlu, Ezgi Elçi

ADMIGOV Deliverable 6.1 (2021)

This report is written in the context of the ADMIGOV WP6, which focuses on the relationship between development interventions and migration aspirations and decisions at different stages of the migration cycle, including secondary movements from countries of first reception. Understanding this question is especially important to achieve the aims envisaged at New York Declaration of 2016 towards more predictable and comprehensive responses to “crisis” situations created by large scale displacements. Similarly, the Global Compact on Refugees, a non-binding international document adopted in December 2018, laid out the principles of international solidarity to address the needs of the displaced population by easing the pressures on host countries and enhancing refugee self-reliance.