Final Report on the Governance of Exit

Fecha de publicación:
Barak Kalir & Martin Dybdahl Jensen

ADMIGOV Deliverable 2.6 (2022)

In this final report of WP2 we wish to highlights three major findings concerning the governance of exit on the level of Member States as well as the EU. First, the call for evidence-based policymaking in the field of exit should become a concrete reality and not a mere slogan as it currently is. For that reason, clear guidelines for collecting, maintaining and sharing statistics and other relevant data on crucial aspects of exit must become the norm. This should assist taking decisions and devising polices on crucial matters such as the length of pre-removal detention and possible alternatives to it. Second, as investment in the capacity and responsibility of Frontex to implement exit policies increases dramatically, there must be a parallel strengthening of mechanism for monitoring Frontex expenditure, practices, and lines of accountability. Thirdly, the effectiveness of exit policies crucially relies on the sustainable reintegration of returnees. Supporting sustainable reintegration requires a more ambitious, longer-term, and flexible approach. We suggest to acknowledge the lack of voluntariness in many cases and focus on enhancing ‘preparedness’ for return. Sustainable reintegration programmes need to be adaptable to changing conditions, and funding requirements need to allow for these adaptations.