Research Study on the Role of Women and Youth in Preventing Violent Extremism

This project will address the role of women and youth in preventing violent extremism in seven countries: Germany, Spain, France, Jordan, Morocco, the United Kingdom and Tunisia.

Número de proyecto: 33 - PRO131SCA-2017 Duración: 2018-2019 (Finalizado) Presupuesto: 100.000 €


With a view to identify and understand the key factors that prevent radicalisation towards violent extremism, the project will be guided by four research objectives:

-       Examine the patterns of violent extremism of individuals: through the analysis of the role played by social and institutional environment.

-       Analyse factors that prevent people from embracing violent extremism: both structural and individual factors will be studied through data analysis and case studies.

-       Promote the exchange of good practices: examining existing programmes and initiatives in the countries of study and, if applicable, researching practices that are applicable in other contexts.

-       Identify opportunities and ‘entry points’ to support the inclusion of women and young people as preventers of violent extremism in PVE strategies: studying ways in which youth and women as preventers can be included in the policy-making and decision making processes as part of integrated PVE strategies.