Cascades_Policy Paper June 2021

Climate change and resilience in the Central Sahel

Fecha de publicación:
Sophie Desmidt, Oriol Puig, Adrien Detges, Pia van Ackern and Fabien Tondel

CASCADES Policy Paper June 2021 

This policy paper summarises the main findings from research conducted under CASCADES on the Central Sahel, covering Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger. This research focused on key climate related challenges in the region, notably with regards to livelihoods, food security, human mobility and human security, including communal conflicts and violent extremism. The main conclusion is that climate change is and will be an important factor for the future of the Central Sahel. Both its current and future impacts, however, are intrinsically linked to socio-economic and political factors that must be emphasised when addressing climate-related challenges in the region.

This policy paper is structured as follows. We first present a brief overview of expected climate impacts on the region, and their possible knock-on effects on livelihoods and food security, mobility, communal violence and violent extremism. We then go on to discuss some of the current policy responses and the challenges related to these issues; and summarise policy recommendations to address shortcomings in current approaches to climate risks in the Sahel. In closing, we look forward to how climate change impacts could unfold in the region.