ADMIGOV Deliverable 2022

Profiles, drivers, journeys, protection and assistance challenges of people on the move towards Greece and Italy

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Mixed Migration Centre

ADMIGOV Deliverable 5.1 (2022)

This is a report about the experiences of people on the move who have arrived in Greece and Italy, presenting aggregate analysis of the data collected under the Admigov in 2020/2021 and offering some emerging topline key findings.

The Advancing Alternative Migration Governance (Admigov) project seeks to promote an alternative migration governance model, studying how alternative approaches to migration governance can be better designed and put into practice. A better understanding of what is happening in the ground, and the impact of current migration governance, will benefit this aim: to better understand why migrants and refugees are moving to Europe from other regions around the globe, what situations they encounter, why they do not stay in the countries they pass through, it is necessary to study their choices and how they intersect with policy.