ADMIGOV Deliverable 6.5

Migration Aspirations and Development Interventions in Compounding Crisis’

Fecha de publicación:
Katie Kuschminder & Iman Rajabzadeh

ADMIGOV Deliverable 6.5 (2022)

This final report of ADMIGOV WP6 is a synthesis of the findings on development interventions and migrants aspirations as they have been explored in Ethiopia, Lebanon, Mali and Turkey. Work package 6 in the ADMIGOV project focuses on development interventions targeted at both refugees in host countries and country nationals. The selected countries for analysis were chosen as large refugee hosting environments (Ethiopia, Lebanon, Turkey), being a core transit country towards the European Union (EU) (Mali) and for having regular migration of nationals (Ethiopia and Mali).

This report is organized into four sections following this brief introduction. The next section provides an overview of the conceptual framework that has guided the research. This is followed by an overview of the methodology used in each country. The main section of the report summarizes key findings from the work package. The report concludes by offering policy recommendations.