Som mobilitat: The cooperative whose services are increasing sustainable mobility

Fecha de publicación:
Arnau Vilardell, Founder and Coordinator, Som Mobilitat

In 2016, a group of mobility activists in Catalonia set themselves the task of changing their mobility habits to contribute to minimising environmental impact and lowering CO2 emissions. The first challenge was to dismantle the current mobility model. This model has led us to a dead end in terms of congestion and investment in infrastructure, pollution and human health, the use of public space and the quality of life in our neighbourhoods and municipalities, and CO2 emissions. The second challenge was to create a model on which our entire value proposition would hinge.

With this clear idea in mind, a cooperative of consumers and users was set up with the goal of shifting the mobility model from one based on the private combustion vehicle to one that is more sustainable and respectful of the environment and people’s health. This legal entity combined the desire to create a sustainable cooperative model within the tradition of consumer cooperativism in order to promote collective empowerment and build communities with shared electric mobility services that reach all of Catalonia’s neighbourhoods and municipalities. By combining mobility communities under a single technological umbrella, a regional car sharing network is being built collectively.