CIDOB In conversation with Geysha Gonzalez, “Tools for Countering Disinformation”

Geysha Gonzalez is the Associate Director for the Eurasia Center at the Atlantic Council

17 octubre 2018 - 08:30h
LOCALIZACIÓN: CIDOB, sala Jordi Maragall, Elisabets 12, 08001 Barcelona
ORGANIZADO POR: CIDOB and the US Consulate General in Barcelona



Russia plans to disrupt the midterm elections in November. That, at least, was the surprisingly frank conclusion announced by several Trump administration officials in a joint news conference in August. FBI Director Christopher A. Wray described what he called ongoing “information warfare” on social media. He and other members of the national security team assured the American public that they would do everything they could to protect the elections and counter Russian disinformation. Yet the briefing revealed little in the way of detail. 

In this new edition of CIDOB In conversation with, Geysha Gonzalez will identify the tools available to counter disinformation and provide recommendations for civil society, governments and private sector. While the main focus will be on Kremlin disinformation operations across Europe, she will also analyse the challenge of disinformation globally, with Mexico and India as examples. 

Geysha Gonzalez is the associate director for the Eurasia Center at the Atlantic Council.  Her current areas of expertise include disinformation campaigns, digital disinformation, and media literacy. Previously, Gonzalez worked at Freedom House, where she covered issues related to digital and physical security for human rights defenders, as well as authoring work on the rise of modern dictatorships. A graduate of the London School of Economics, she has a background in transatlantic relations during the Cold War. 



Geysha Gonzalez

Geysha Gonzalez

Deputy Director, Eurasia Center, Atlantic Council

CIDOB In conversation with Geysha Gonzalez, “Tools for Countering Disinformation” ACTIVIDAD REALIZADA