Truth or tale? Fact-checking, disinformation and fake news in European and national election campaigns

Mercator European Dialogue

3 mayo 2019 - 09:00h
LOCALIZACIÓN: CIDOB, sala Jordi Maragall, Elisabets 12, 08001 Barcelona
ORGANIZADO POR: CIDOB in the framework of the Mercator European Dialogue



Today,  the  proliferation  of  fake  news  is  a  top  concern  among Europeans. According to the “Flash Eurobarometer  on  Fake  News  and  Online  Disinformation”,  published  by  the  European  Commission  in  March  2018,  83%  of  respondents  think  that  fake  news  represent  a  danger to democracy. 

This workshop will provide participants with the opportunity  to  discuss  the  policy  challenges  related  to  disinformation  in  electoral  campaigns  at  different  levels,  with a specific focus on the upcoming European elections. 

Together with high-level experts, participants will learn to identify online disinformation techniques and will engage in innovative discussions on how to tackle misinformation and achieve a more effective communication during electoral campaigns and beyond. The conversation will revolve around the role politicians can have in improving  the  standards  of  political communication, especially when it comes to the role national Members of  Parliaments  in  the  European  debate,  and  in  encouraging more truthful and reality-based discussions, thus increasing interaction with voters and contributing to a healthier democratic system. 

The  upcoming  European  elections  will  offer  the  opportunity  to  explore  whether  fake  news  have  any  real  effects  on  national  debates,  analyse  and  compare  the  quality  of  political  discussions  across  Europe,  as  well  as to touch upon the regulations and policies which exist at national and European level in this field.

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Marc Cases

Marc Cases

CEO, Think O‘Clock

Carme Colomina

Carme Colomina

Researcher, CIDOB

Katarína Klingová

Katarína Klingová

Senior Research Fellow, GlobSec

Lorenzo Marini

Lorenzo Marini

Cofounder, Verificat; Director, YouCheck

Pol Morillas

Pol Morillas

Director, CIDOB

Chiara Rosselli

Chiara Rosselli

Head of the Mercator European Dialogue

Truth or tale? Fact-checking, disinformation and fake news in European and national election campaigns ACTIVIDAD REALIZADA

09:00h Registration

09:15h Welcome remarks

Pol Morillas, Director, CIDOB

Chiara Rosselli, Head of the Mercator European Dialogue

09:30h Session 1 - Talking Europe: communication campaign strategies

What are the best communication strategies to combat disinformation campaigns when discussing European affairs during political campaigns and beyond?

Marc Cases, CEO, Think O‘Clock

11:15h Coffee break

11:30h Session 2 - A guide to fact-checking for politics

How to increase the quality of political debates? What are the best ways to incorporate reality-based arguments and effective fact-checking strategies in the work of a national politician?

Katarína Klingová, Senior Research Fellow, GlobSec

Lorenzo Marini , Cofounder, Verificat; Director, YouCheck

13:15h Lunch

14:00h Session 3 - Disinformation in the context of the European elections

What is the EU‘s response to disinformation and fake news? To what extent are fake news affecting the EU election campaign?

Carme Colomina, Researcher, CIDOB

15:45h Wrap up session and concluding remarks