Análisis y opinión

1. Elecciones presidenciales 2012
2. Elecciones parlamentarias 2011
3. Protestas
4. Análisis políticos
5. Libertad de expresión
6. Corrupción
7. Temas sociales y económicos
8. Relaciones con Unión Europea y Estados Unidos

1. Elecciones presidenciales 2012

- Textos programáticos de Vladímir Putin, 2012:

- Russia and the changing world, Moskovskiye Novosti, 27 February

- Being strong: National security guarantees for Russia, Rossiiskaya Gazeta, 20 February

- Building justice: A social policy for Russia, Komsomolskaya Pravda, 13 February

- Democracy and the quality of government, Kommersant, 6 February

- Economic tasks, Vedomosti, 30 January

- Russia: The Ethnicity Issue, Nezavisimaya Gazeta, 23 January

- Russia muscles up – the challenges we must rise to face, Izvestia, 16 January

- Análisis postelectoral:

- Opposition, to Its Surprise, Wins a Bit of Power in Moscow. Micheal Schwirtz. NY Times(08/03/2012)

- Putin Grapples With Urban Russia’s Ire as Challenge for Third Kremlin Term. Stepan Kravchenko and Henry Meyer. Bloomberg (06/03/2012)

- Russian Press - Behind the Headlines, March 6. RIA Novosti (06/03/2012)

- How Powerful Is Russia? Experts’ debate. New York Times. (06/03/2012)

- What Putin’s Return to the Presidency Means for U.S.-Russia Relations. Steven Pifer. The Brookings Institution (06/03/2012)

- Russia’s presidential election marked by unequal campaign conditions, active citizens’ engagement, international observers say. Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) Press Release. (05/03/2012)

- Russian election monitor: 'What I saw made me question the pessimism'. Alexey Kovalev. The Guardian (05/03/2012)

- Vladimir Putin: No more the strongman. Stephen Holmes. The Guardian (05/03/2012)

- Russia: the return of Putin. Nicholas Redman. International Institute for Strategic Studies (05/03/2012)

- Surprise, Surprise – Putin Wins Again. Fraser Cameron. EU-Russia Centre (04/03/2012)

- Stumbling Over the Finish Line. Adam Reichardt interviews Andrew Wilson. New Eastern Europe (04/03/2012)

- Mikhail Khodorkovsky jailing to be reviewed after Vladimir Putin victory. The Guardian (04/03/2012)

- Análisis preelectoral:

- Putin’s Russia. Call back yesterday. The Economist (3/3/2012)

- Putin Again: Implications for Russia and the West. Philip Hanson, James Nixey, Lilia Shevtsova and Andrew Wood. Chatham House Report (Febrero 2012)

- Los rusos ya quieren más. ¿Por qué, si Putin tiene la victoria asegurada, no permite sin más unas elecciones transparentes? Carmen Claudín. El País (23-2-2012)

- El Kremlin acosa a la prensa crítica en vísperas de las presidenciales, Pilar Bonet, El País (22-2-2012)

- Breaking Up The Party. Rumors of Reform in United Russia Reveal Split, but Raise Little Hope for Change, Dan Peleschuk, Russia Profile (13/02/2012)

- The Future of EU-Russia Relations – just a dream? Fraser Cameron, New Eastern Europe (13/02/2012)

- Putin promete a los rusos aumentos de salarios y mayores garantías sociales, La Vanguardia,(13/02/2012)

- A Three-Ring Circus, Putin Does Not See Any Upside to Taking Part in the Debates, Andrew Roth. Russia Profile (08/02/2012)

- Pilar Bonet entrevista Grigori Yavlinski. El País(7/02/2012)

- Why Electoral Fraud Is the Better of Two Evils. Nikolay Petrov. The Moscow Times (6/2/2012)

- Anyone but Putin: how Russians should vote in March, Grigorii Golosov, OPEN DEMOCRACY RUSSIA, (31/1/2012)

- I am ready to fight with Putin in the second round: Mijaíl Prójorov’s interview in (31/1/2012)

- The Anti-Putin Momentum Between Davos, Courchevel and Bolotnaya Square. Pavel K. Baev, Eurasia Daily Monitor(30/1/2012)

- El descontento de los rusos tiene otros motivos que no son los electorales. Anna Kurskaya, RIA Novosti (30/01/2012)

- The Russian Pre-Election State of Affairs. Ihor Samokysh, Lilia Shevtsova, Carnegie Moscow Center (26-2-2012)

2. Elecciones parlamentarias 2011

- Análisis postelectoral:

- Duma Elections and Protests, Russian Analytical Digest n.108, 6 Feb 2012

- After Russia's parliamentary elections: emerging fissures. Sabine Fischer. EU Institute for Security Studies. Russia Insight (9/12/2011)

- Russian Elections – Putin Down but not Out. Fraser Cameron. EU-Russia Centre (8/12/2011)

- A Warning Shot For Putin. Parliamentary Elections and the Reawakening of Russian Politics. Kathryn Stoner-Weiss. Foreign Affairs (8/12/2011)

- The beginning of the end for Putin?. Nicu Popescu. Open Democracy Russia (6/12/2011)

- Russian Elections: Leadership Doubts. Alex Nice. Chatham House (5/12/2011)

- Russia's election: Losing their grip. The Economist (5/12/2011)

- Análisis preelectoral:

- Questions about Putin’s Intentions Loom after the Duma Elections. Pavel K. Baev. Eurasia Daily Monitor (5/12/2011)

- Gorbachev: A Third Putin Term ‘Discredits Democratic Principles’, The Other Russia (24/11/2011)

- Meeting Summary: Russia and Eurasia Programme. The Parliament, the Presidency and Elections in Russia. Chatham House (20/10/2011)

- Alternancia à la russe. Carmen Claudín. Opinión CIDOB nº 127. (Octubre de 2011)

- Authorities are afraid of cataclysms. Caterina Innocente’s interview with Pavel Khodorkovsky. Institute of Modern Russia (19/9/2011)

- Putin’s National Front: lifebelt for a sinking regime? Dmitri Oreshkin. Open Democracy Russia (26/5/2011)

3. Protestas

- What's Next For The Anti-Putin Protests? Mark Adomanis. Forbes(9/3/2012)

- Rusia. El fin de la euforia. Pilar Bonet.El País (7/3/2012)

- After Putin, Putin. Tena Prelec. Cartografare il presente (06/03/2012)

- Moscow police crack down anti-Putin rally. (06/03/2012)

- Los enfrentamientos en Moscú ahondan el conflicto entre Kremlin y oposición. Pilar Bonet. El país. (06/03/2012)

- Putin makes his presence felt as protesters take to Moscow's streets. Miriam Elder. The Guardian (05/03/2012)

- Why Putin will face more protests. Nikolay Petrov. The Moscow Times (05/03/2012)

- The Man Vladimir Putin Fears Most. Matthew Kaminski. The Wall Street Journal (03/03/2012)

- The London-based Russians who oppose Vladimir Putin. James Coomarasamy. BBC (28/2/2012)

- Is Alexei Navalny sent to spoil the democratic party? Daniil Kotsyubinsky. Open Democracy Russia (17/2/2012)

- The sense of an ending. Putin and the decline of "no-choice" politics. Stephen Holmes, Ivan Krastev. Eurozine (17/2/2012)

- Russian Protest On- and Offline: The role of social media in the Moscow opposition demonstrations in December 2011. Markku Lonkila. The Finnish Institute of International Affairs (16/2/2012)

- A Moscow spring? Both Vladimir Putin and the West should heed the message behind the protests in Russia. The Economist (11/2/2012)

- Just making our feelings known. Large street protests are transforming Russia’s political landscape—with unpredictable consequences. The Economist (11/2/2012)

- Can’t Beat It? Hack It! As Elections Draw Nearer, Opponents Air Dirty Laundry across New Media, Dan Peleschuk, Russia Profile (02/09/2012)

- What the Russian Protests Can—And Can't—Do. Maria Lipman, Nikolay Petrov Foreign Affairs (9/2/2012)

- Instrucciones para no congelarse en un mitin, Pilar Bonet. Las Atalayas Blog. El País (4/2/2012)

- Russian Analytical Digest No.108: Duma Elections and Protests. Arkady Lyubarev, Andrei Yakovlev, Evgenia Olimpieva Russian and Eurasian Security Network (3/2/2012)

- Russia, la rivolta degli innocenti: così lottano i ragazzi dell'internet café. Ezio Mauro. La Repubblica (3/2/2012)

- Russia’s Opposition Movement Spreads Far Beyond Moscow. James Brooke. Voice of America (2/2/2012)

- Russia's Liberal Intelligentsia Begins To Stir. Tom Balmforth. Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (31/01/2012)

- Golos Election Group Vows Strong Monitoring Effort, Despite Pressure. Tom Balmforth. Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (25/1/2012)

- Blogger, politician, populist? - Alexey Navalny’s rise, Ben Judah, ECFR (23/1/2012)

- La oposición se organiza para la próxima protesta. Pilar Bonet. Las Atalayas Blog, El País (18/1/2012)

- The Akunin-Navalny interviews, Open Democracy Russia (5/1/2012)

- Politics returns to Russia. Alex Nice. Chatham House (January 2012)

- Protests in Russia, Dmitri Trenin, Carnegie Moscow Center (29/12/2011)

- The End of Putin. Alexey Navalny on why the Russian protest movement will win. Interview by Julia Ioffe. Foreign Policy (28/12/2011)

- El Kremlin, a la zaga, Pilar Bonet, Las Atalayas Blog, El País, 26 dicembre 2011

- Civic activism heats up in Russia, Transparency International, 23 December 2011

- Por fin buenas noticias de Rusia. Carmen Claudín, Nicolás de Pedro. El País (21/12/2011)

- A True Russian Republic in the Making?, Dmitri Trenin, The Globalist, December 14, 2011

- En marcha, Pilar Bonet, Las Atalayas Blog, El País, 12 diciembre 2011

- A Russian awakening.The Economist (10/12/2011)

- Vladimir Putin's Cyber Warriors. The Kremlin's Ham-handed Effort to Squelch Online Dissent. Andrei Soldatov. Foreign Affairs(9/12/2011)

- The Russian Protests and Putin’s Choices. Matthew Rojansky, Carnegie Policy Outlook (December 2011)

- Acting Up. Russia’s Civil Society. Human Rights Watch (2011)

4. Análisis políticos

- The Return of Politics. Kadri Liik. International Centre for Defence Studies, Estonia. (03.03.2012)

- ¿El ascenso de la ‘primera Rusia’? Las incógnitas después de las urnas. Pilar Bonet, 29 de febrero de 2012

- Putin Again: Implications for Russia and the West, Philip Hanson, James Nixey, Lilia Shevtsova and Andrew Wood, Chatham House Report, February 2012

- The End of the Putin Consensus. Ben Judah and Andrew Wilson, ECFR Policy memo (1/3/2012)

- Las Atalayas, Pilar BonetEl País

- The sense of an ending, S. Holmes and I. Krastev, Eurozine, 17-02-2012

- La presidencia de Medvédev: el perfil cambiante de la Federación Rusa. Andrei Makarychev, Anuario CIDOB 2010

- The Third Democratic: The Baggage We Take to the Next Revolution. Igor Yurgens. Nezavisimaya Gazeta (26/1/2012)

- Russia’s Civilization Model? It’s Autocracy. Lilia Shevtsova, Ihor Samokysh. Carnegie Moscow Center (19/1/2012)

- The vertikal: power and authority in Russia. Andrew Monaghan, International Affairs, 88 (1): 1–16 (2012)

- Uwe Halbach, “Vladimir Putin's Eurasian Union. A New Integration Project for the CIS Region?”, SWP Comments 2012/C 01, January 2012

- The Future of Russia: Modernization or Decline?. Adam Balcer, Nikolay Petrov. demosEUROPA–Centre for European Strategy and Carnegie Moscow Center Report, 2012

- The Dialectics of Rise and Decline: Russia in Global Affairs Since the End of the Cold War. Joseph Nye Jr. Russia in Global Affairs (29/2/2011)

- ¿Qué Rusia, veinte años después? Carmen Claudín.Revista CIDOB d’Afers Internacionals (Diciembre 2011)

- Rusia en un mundo multipolar: El papel de las identidades y los “mapas cognitivos” . Andrey Makarychev, Revista CIDOB d’Afers Internacionals (Diciembre 2011)

- Nacionalismo y construcción estatal en Rusia: Un consenso social debilitado. Marlène Laruelle Revista CIDOB d’Afers Internacionals (Diciembre 2011)

- La sociedad civil rusa, veinte años después. Samuel A. Greene Revista CIDOB d’Afers Internacionals (Diciembre 2011)

- ¿Neoliberalismo a la rusa? Políticas de información y propaganda en la Rusia contemporánea. Miguel Vázquez Liñán Revista CIDOB d’Afers Internacionals (Diciembre 2011)

- Chechenia como reflejo de las dinámicas políticas de Rusia. Francesc Serra Massansalvador, Revista CIDOB d’Afers Internacionals (Diciembre 2011)

- What does Russia think? ECFR (I.Krastev, M.Leonard and A.Wilson eds.). September 2009. Edición en castellano publicada por CIDOB: ¿Qué piensa Rusia?

5. Libertad de expresión

- Tightening the Screws. Julia Ioffe. Foreign Policy (21/2/2012)

- For Whom The Bell Tolls. Alexey Malashenko. Carnegie Moscow Center Commentary (17/2/2012)

- Despite Questions About Twitter’s New Policy, Russian Twitter Users Will Not Be Censored Anytime Soon. William Beaver. Russia Profile (17/2/2012)

- Russian Prosecutors Investigate Independent Dozhd-TV For Live Protest Coverage. Radio Free Europe (17/2/2012)

- The media in Russia: Echo no more? The Economist (15/2/2012)

- Russian Print Media Part 1: THE RUSSIAN DEBATE ON THE SOUTH CAUCASUS: WHO IS WHO? European Stability Initiative (ESI), Berlin – Istanbul, December 2009

- Off balance. The challenge of capturing a murky country on film The Economist (11/2/2012)

- Moscow region journalists received notes explaining how to cover pro-Putin rallies”, Ekaterina Vinokurova,, 31 January 2012

- Education unions urge teachers to attend pro-Putin meeting, Natalya Ziganshina, 31 January 2012.

- Inside and Around the Kremlin’s Black Box: The New Nationalist Think Tanks in Russia, Marlène Laruelle, Stockholm Paper October 2009

6. Corrupción

- Russia must reject corruption and build a modern democracy. Vladimir Putin. The Guardian (7/12/2011)

- Russia is so corrupt that it'd be cheaper to pave the roads with Louis Vuitton bags and foie gras. Michael Burleigh. Daily Mail. (8/12/2011)

- Russians tire of corruption spectacle. Daniel Sandford. BBC (1/12/2011)

- China, Russia and Corruption. Jason Miks. The Diplomat. (4/11/2011)

- Russia's Natural State of Corruption. Ronald Bailey. Reason. (27/9/2011)

- Corruption in Russia. All bets are off. The Economist (13/7/2011)

- Russia Plagued by Corruption Perception. Kenneth Rapoza. Forbes (17/6/2011)

- Neo-Feudalism Explained. Vladislav L. Inozemtsev. The American Interest. March/April 2011

- Corruption in Russia. Elena Panfilova, Dmitri Trenin. Carnegie Moscow Center (21/12/2010)

- Russian corruption takes on a life of its own. Will Englund. Washington Post (26/10/2010)

- Causes and Consequences of Corruption in Putin’s Russia. Robert Orttung.
PONARS Policy Memo No. 430. December 2006

7. Temas sociales y económicos

- The End of Virtuality (on-line social media), Sam Greene, Center for New Media and Society, 18.01.2012

- Over $66 Bln Left Russia in 2011 in Money Laundering Schemes, Ria Novosti, 16 Feb. 2012

- How to reform the Russian economy, Sergei Guriev, July 2010

- Unemployment trends in Russia, Yury Krupnov, Valdai Club, September 2011

- State-Business Relations and Modernisation, Russian Analytical Digest n.105, 5 Dec 2011

- Labor Unions, Russian Analytical Digest n.104, 27 Oct 2011

- Education in Russia, Russian Analytical Digest n.97, 30 May 2011

- Corruption and the Rule of Law, Russian Analytical Digest n.92, 22 Jan 2011

- Environmental Issues and the Green Movement in Russia, Russian Analytical Digest n.79, 27 May 2010

- Russia's Health and Demographic Situation, Russian Analytical Digest n.35, 19 Feb 2008

- Unique Russian Values, Sergei Guriev, The Moscow Times, 02 April 2009

8. Relaciones con Unión Europea y Estados Unidos

- EU should target Russia's big spenders. Ben Judah. EUObserver (9/3/2012)

- The Russia–EU Neighborhood after Russia’s Presidential Election, Andrey Makarychev, PONARS Eurasia (08/03/2012)

- The Russian Elections - Bad News for the EU. Federiga Bindi. CNBC (6/3/2012)

- Statement by Catherine Ashton, High Representative of the European Union and Vice-President of the Commission, on the presidential elections in Russia on 4 March 2012 (5/3/2012)

- Muted EU reaction to Putin's re-election. Toby Vogel. European Voice (5/3/2012)

- EU institutions back Putin despite vote-rigging concerns. Andrew Rettman. EUobserver (5/3/2012)

- Russia must listen to its people and allow free and fair elections, The Liberal and Democrat group, 16/2/2012

- Rusia y Europa: ¿juntas o separadas? Ígor Ivánov. El País (7/2/2012)

- EU must stop pretending it can change Russia. IVAN KRASTEV. The Japan Times (3/2/2012)

- Ashton Criticises Russia, Fraser Cameron, EU-Russia Centre (3/2/2012)

- ‘Europe puts nose in Russia’s internal business’. RT (15/12/2011)

- ‘Europe should consider own problems’. Medvedev. RT (15/12/2011)

- European Parliament resolution on the upcoming EU-Russia Summit on 15 December 2011 and the outcome of the Duma elections on 4 December 2011, 14 December 2011

- Jerzy Buzek, President of the European Parliament, calls for new free and fair elections in Russia, Brussels, 14 December 2011

- Statement by the spokesperson of EU High Representative Catherine Ashton on detention of protesters in Russia, Brussels, 7 December 2011

- Statement by EU High Representative Catherine Ashton, on the Duma elections in the Russian Federation, Brussels, 6 December 2011

- Russia-United States – minimizing the damage, Fyodor Lukyanov. Russia in Global Affairs (30/12/2011)

- ‘US pins labels:’ Russia slams Clinton over election criticism. RT(7/12/2011)

- Clinton criticizes Russia vote, Germany urges improvement. Reuters (6/12/2011)

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