Is Migration Europe’s Achilles Heel?

Strategic Europe – Judy Asks - 24 nov. 2022

Blanca Garcés Mascareñas, Senior Research Fellow at CIDOB, answers this question at Judy Dempsey’s Strategic Europe blog: “Migration could be the crisis among all crises facing Europe nowadays for the simple reason that it has become an intractable issue. While the economics of migration asks for millions of new migrant workers every year, the politics of migration demands a closure of borders. Moreover, while a common migration and asylum policy is intrinsic to a European space of free movement of people (the so-called Schengen area), member states continue without reaching an agreement on shared responsibilities. Seeking to please everyone, the new proposals define a system of à la carte solidarity that risks creating more bureaucracy, new disagreements, and higher economic costs in a system that may end up being more inefficient than the current one. Finally, there is the question how to reconcile increasing border control with full respect for the rule of law and human rights. In an unequal and increasingly globalized world, Europe will have to choose between addressing the causes of migration or fortifying itself at the expense of its own liberalism. In fact, this would be the real crisis: when Europe’s fear of another migration wave makes it willing to accept the unacceptable, from the normalization of states of exception to the violation of fundamental rights.”

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