BRIDGES Working Paper nº 13

Innovative strategies against exclusionary narratives. The case of Italy

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Andrea Pogliano, Associate Professor at the University of Piemonte Orientale and Annalisa Frisina, Associate Professor at the University of Padua.

BRIDGES Working Paper nº 13 (May 2023)

As in other European countries, in Italy political discourses of exclusion circulate widely in the public sphere, especially with the rise of the extreme right-wing parties in the last years. Such discourses against migrants and their descendants are challenged by actors of the Italian civil society who strive for changing narratives of exclusion in many different ways. After a mapping of fifteen recent initiatives that stand out for their innovative strategies and their success in spreading inclusive narratives across all Italy, two of them have been selected for an in-depth analysis. Io Accolgo (“I welcome”) is a wide network of organisations and a campaign raised in 2018 to oppose several aspects of the security decrees passed that year, especially those aspects that downsized the reception system for asylum seekers and refugees. As for Dalla parte giusta della storia (“On the Right Side of History”), this is a movement born in 2020, after a gestation within the networks and organisations of children of migrants campaigning for the reform of the citizenship law and to counter institutional racism. Both initiatives are performed by non-hegemonic actors and they can be considered innovative and successful based on the parameters proposed by Garcés-Mascareñas and Pastore (2022). Drawing on a qualitative methodological approach based on sixteen interviews and document analysis, this report examines the data with a special focus on the construction of networks, the communication strategies adopted and the narratives produced.