Pelin Gönül Şahin , Research Assistant, CIDOB

Women's Liberties and Gender Equality in Tunisia: the Asthma of the Arab Spring?

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Pelin Gönül Şahin, Research Assistant, CIDOB

It has been two years since the popular uprising in Tunisia started with the hope of freedom, dignity, and democracy. This country that inspired other Arab countries for the “spring” blossom is still waiting to reach its real summer, of a solid democracy, a new constitution, and a fairly elected government that will stabilize the political turmoil. The role of women, alongside other actors of civil society, in the transition period had been crucial. Therefore, in order to understand the changing dynamics of women’s rights and liberties in Tunisia, this article will focus on the gender equality policies in the country, before and after the revolution, with specific references to the political context.

This article by Pelin Gönül Şahin , Research Assistant at CIDOB, first appeared in the Winter 2013 issue of Turkish Policy Quarterly. For further information please visit