Problems and perspectives of the new generation of researchers on the Arab World and Mediterranean in Spain and the United Kingdom

Fecha de publicación:
Fiona McCallum, Juan Antonio Macías, Laura Rodríguez, Eduard Soler i Lecha i Sarah Wolff

There are a number of names in English for what are usually called in Spanish young researchers: junior researchers, young researchers, early career scholars, etc. With nuances, this refers to a large group, often in unstable situations but with the potential to enhance the amount and the quality of research into the Arab and Muslim World and the study of the Mediterranean region in both Spain and the United Kingdom. This contribution, summarising the five authors’ impressions, focuses on some of the challenges confronting young researchers in both countries. The text has taken shape around three main questions. The research agenda is the first of these, followed by methodological questions, the researchers’ place on the job market and funding difficulties encountered throughout research. Finally, a proposal is made for a Mediterranean Summer Encuentro.