Fecha de publicación:
Yolanda Onghena; Paloma Casaseca

This publication entitled "Organizing information, regulating communication" aims at transmitting to a wider public the content of the conversations and debates which arose from the EU-Maghreb exchange between Mediterranean professionals of the judiciary and communication sectors. This meeting took place on June 21st and 22nd 2012 at the Centre for Intercultural Learning in Rabat with the participation of about twenty professionals from both sides of the Mediterranean: Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Italy, France and Spain.

The meeting is part of a project focusing on inter-professional experiences where the accent is put on the exchange of shared experiences within different professions. The professionals are invited to participate in a spontaneous conversation sharing ideas and visions with other professionals, without prior positions from a specific point of view and without obligation to arrive at any consensus. The exchange builds on a common denominator which is the profession, its ethics and practice. A first meeting was held in Rabat between Spanish and Moroccan judges. In this meeting, the judges questioned the role and importance of the media in the present time.