Using past international cooperation to rethink development: alternative critical approaches

Using past international cooperation to rethink development: alternative critical approaches

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Rafael Domínguez and Simone Lucatello (coords.)

As the historical perspective is missing from most publications on Development Studies and International Cooperation, issue 120 of Revista CIDOB d’Afers Internacionals prioritises alternative critical approaches and a historical review of this subject, which has traditionally been addressed using the technocratic orientation of problem-solving and the neoinstitutionalist theory of interdependence. A set of works offering original empirical, comparative and/or theoretical contributions is therefore presented here. Taking a historical perspective they analyse the international regime governed by the OECD's Development Assistance Committee (DAC), cooperation between developing countries (or South-South cooperation), between developing courtiers and the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance, and China’s construction of an alternative international cooperation regime.


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Rafael Domínguez y Simone Lucatello  
Introduction: historicising and decolonising international cooperation for development

Daniel Lemus Delgado  
Official development assistance (ODA) as a hegemonic practice (1945–2000)

María Elena Romero y Alejandro García  
For Japanese security: a critical view of Japanese cooperation

Gustavo Louis Henrique Pinto y Rafael Gonçalves Gumiero
Rise and fall of relations between SUDENE and the “Alliance for Progress”

Silvina M. Romano
Failed US assistance to Latin America? The case of Bolivia

Antonio Sianes, Francisco Santos y Luis Fernández Portillo
Agreements and disagreements in the EU’s cooperation policy with Central America

Gisela Carrasco Miró
Trilateral South-South cooperation for development: towards a decolonisation of solidarity

Élodie Brun
Interregional South-South cooperation between Brazil, Chile and Venezuela: interests and the loss of essence

Carlos Cerda Dueñas
Cooperation in the midst of bipolar turbulence: Mexico and the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance

Gerardo Bracho  
The DAC and China: the origins and end of development assistance

Other articles

Branislav Pantovic y Gabriela Michelini  
The science and culture of memory in Serbian diplomacy

Juan Tovar Ruiz  
The Trump doctrine in foreign policy: foundations, ruptures and continuities

Book reviews (subjects)

Tancredi Tarantino
Development and international cooperation: between the past and the future

José María Larrú  
A critical review of the OECD’s evolution

Lorena E. Vera Márquez
Lessons from history to improve international cooperation schemes

Guillermo Santander Campos  
Bridging the gap between rich and poor: Are we on the right path?

Jordi Bonet-Martí
A proposal for regenerating the UN with the support of international civil society

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