Revista CIDOB d'Afers Internacionals, nº 133

Migration and violence from a gender perspective

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Berta Güell and Sònia Parella (coords.)

In a context of rising global inequality, migrants are often subjected to violence, whether physical, symbolic, institutional or structural. It may take place at any point of the migration cycle – origin, transit or destination. Practices like female genital mutilation, forced marriage, honour killings, rape, coercive prostitution, domestic violence and femicide are specific forms of gender violence that disproportionately affect women and the LGTBI+ community. Given this reality, issue 133 of Revista CIDOB d’Afers Internacionals  applies a gender and intersectional perspective to analyse these forms of violence in a range of countries and territories, with the triple aim of contributing to the production of scientific knowledge, stimulating the creation of informed public policies and encouraging critical thinking in order to work towards a society that is free from violence.

Publication content

Berta Güell and Sònia Parella
Introduction: Migration and violence from a gender perspective

Sandra Gil Araujo, Carolina Rosas and María Lis Baiocchi
Deportability, gender and legal violence: a literature review on deportation and anti-trafficking policies

Óscar Mateos, Emma Santanach and Sabina Escobar
Refugee women in Africa, COVID-19 and multisystem violence: when it rains it pours

Caterine Galaz, Fernanda Stang and Antonia Lara
LGBT+ migrants’ paths to Chile: intersectional violence and citizenship

Lucía Granda and Rosa M. Soriano-Miras
Violence and resistance: Moroccan domestic workers after the closure of Spain’s southern border

Carmen Meneses-Falcón and Olaya García-Vázquez
Prostitution, violence and female migration in Spain

Sònia Parella, Berta Güell and Paola Contreras
An intersectional perspective on forced marriage as a form of gender violence

Diana P. Garcés-Amaya
Intimate violence as grounds for asylum in Spain and the politics of silence

Luciana Hedrera-Manara and Lupicinio Íñiguez-Rueda
Migrant childhoods and memories in Barcelona: recollections of violence

Other articles

Karla Nahuelpan Sánchez
Indigenous peoples’ political transnationalism: activism and the internationalisation of demands

Book reviews (subjects)

Nora Bartolo Messaouri El Farhi
A decolonial, antiracist perspective in patriarchal violence and carceral feminism

Sònia Parella and Berta Güell
Cross-intersections between gender violence and migrations from a feminist perspective

José Miguel Calvillo Cisneros
Let’s regain the human right to food security

Damián Rodríguez Díaz
Latin America: challenges and limitations on the international stage of the “polycrisis”