International municipalism and the right to the city: cities in the age of globalisation

International municipalism and the right to the city: Cities in the age of globalisation

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Raquel Rolnik and Eva Garcia Chueca (coords.)

In the age of globalisation, cities have emerged on the international stage and demand an active role in global governance by using their own messages and sometimes by acting as a counterweight and resistance to national policies or global strategies. Nevertheless, this trend meets obstacles and challenges in increasingly transnational processes that lie even beyond states' sphere of action. One of the narratives recently adopted by international municipalism is the “right to the city”, an expression that grew out of the streets and social movements and that has been penetrating the institutional world and public policies at local and international levels. Its use and impact in this context are a little-explored subject in academic literature. Issue 123 of Revista CIDOB d'Afers Internationals attempts to fill this gap: taking a multidisciplinary and cross-cutting approach, it explores the intersections between the right to the city and international municipalism.

Publication content

Raquel Rolnik y Eva Garcia-Chueca
Introduction: International municipalism and the right to the city (contradictions and challenges)

Marta Galceran-Vercher
Norm entrepreneurs: international municipalism and the right to the city

Borja M. Iglesias
"Leave no municipality behind": scaling the "right to the city" to the regional level

Mariona Tomàs Fornés
Towards a right to the metropolitan city: an institutional analysis

Norma Tiedemann
New municipalisms in post-Yugoslav spaces: democratic ruptures in Zagreb and Belgrade

Antonio Alejo
Civic binationality and the right to the city in Mexico City's paradiplomacy

Maurizio Artero
Urban sanctuaries and the right to the transit: migrants in transit through Milan

Brenda Isela Ceniceros Ortiz
“Artivism” on the Ciudad Juárez-El Paso border: towards the right to the city

Katarzyna Dembicz
Constitutional reflections of transformation in Cuba: views from Poland

Patxi Zabalo Arena, Eduardo Bidaurratzaga Aurre y Artur Colom Jaén
Implications for Central America of the Partnership Agreement with the European Union

Book reviews (subjects)

Bianca Tavolari
Marks of gender in the urban space: the place of the female in homes and cities

Lorenzo Vidal
Housing under the rule of finance

Giovanni Allegretti
Rethinking the right to the city from a “solution is in the details” perspective?

Salvador Martí
New activism formats and their impact on the 21st century

Francis Ghilès
Ibn Khaldoun: a medieval Muslim mind

Javier Mojal Garcia
From core to periphery: global power and the case of Central Asia

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ISSN: 1133-6595
E-ISSN: 2013-035X