Boundaries: Transience and intercultural dynamics

Publication date:
VV.AA. Yolanda Onghena (coord.)
Edicions Bellaterra

Revista CIDOB d'afers internacionals, núm. 82-83

This issue of the CIDOB Journal of International Affairs features the addresses and debates from two international seminars organised by the CIDOB Foundation in 2007 under the heading of “Borders: ‘transitoriness’ and intercultural dynamics”. The objective was to situate intercultural dynamics within a reference framework capable of introducing new concepts for reflection, and the issue proposed was the subject of borders. The concept of the border is used as a metaphor -- as that space for identification where the decision is made as to what is similar and what is different. Something which all human beings have in common is our difference from others and, through a shared "border", we discover what we are and what we are not, as well as the way in which "our" similarity represents "their" difference. Thus, reflection is focused on a present situation that is cosmopolitan, and which requires a cosmopolitan view to observe the increase in interdependence and to understand the new landscapes of identity, as well as to question ethnicity and the social organisation of difference. Identity is not an accumulation or a synthesis of different components, but rather a space of different forces that interact in order to determine what is similar and what is different. And the hybrid? Could that third space be the location in which the elements meet and are transformed?

ISSN: 1133-6595

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Absence of boundaries: The cosmopolitan vision

Volition of new boundaries, absence of old boundaries?
Yolanda Onghena

Global Generations in World. Risk Society
Ulrich Beck

The Cosmopolitan Imagination
Gerard Delanty

A World without Surroundings
Daniel Innerarity

Open Cultural Spaces in Search of New Frontiers
Nada Švob-Đokić

The Challenge of Transcultural Diversities
Kevin Robins

Volonté de frontières: Considérations identitaires et expressions d'altérité

Geographical, Sociological and Metaphysical Borders
Jacinto Choza Armenta

The Paradoxes of Outside-limits: From Diversity to Adversity
Noureddine Affaya

The Cosmopolitan Utopia
Burhan Ghalioun

Borders and Legal Criteria for Acquiring Nationality
María Elósegui Itxaso

Nationalist Reconstructions in the Face of the Disappearance of Borders
Ferhat Kentel

Towards a Renewed Cosmopolitanism: Interculturality as the Ability to Experience Identity and Boundaries
Rik Pinxten

The Open Border
Yago Mellado

Literature, Moral Imagination and Out-of-place
Enrique Díaz Álvarez

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