Europe: Stakeholder Perceptions & Expectations On Afghanistan & Pakistan Views from Brussels, Madrid & Oslo

Europe: Stakeholder Perceptions & Expectations on Afghanistan & Pakistan Views from Brussels, Madrid & Oslo

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Emma Hooper, Associate Senior Researcher, CIDOB & Gabriel Reyes, Associate Researcher, CIDOB

Policy Research Papers

July 2016

As part of the final year´s work programme for the CIDOB policy research project Sources of Tension in Afghanistan & Pakistan: A Regional Perspective, a series of meetings with European stakeholders in Brussels and Madrid were held in May and June 2016, to share the initial findings from focus group discussions and interviews in Kabul and Islamabad in the first quarter of the year; and to obtain feedback and reactions from participants. Outputs from the whole series of meetings were then taken to the project´s funders and other Norway based stakeholders, to hand over to policymakers going forward, in a meeting on June 23 2016, in Oslo. The summary outputs from each set of meetings are presented below.