Migrant Integration Policy Index 2015

Migrant Integration Policy Index 2015

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Thomas Huddleston, Özge Bilgili, Anne-Linde Joki and Zvezda Vankova with the vision of Jan Niessen, the scientific review of Anna Bardolet, Francesc Fàbregues, J. David Ingleby and Elena Sánchez-Montijano and the support of Karina Shklyan

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"Integration Policies: Who Benefits? The development and use of indicators in integration debates” is a project co-funded by the European Fund for the Integration of Third-Country Nationals. The project identifies and measures integration outcomes, integration policies, and other contextual factors that can impact policy effectiveness; describes the real and potential beneficiaries of policies; and collects and analyses high-quality evaluations of integration policy effects.

The ‘Migrant Integration Policy Index 2015’ (MIPEX) is an important outcome of the project. Presents the MIPEX methodology as well as the analysis of 8 policy strands: labour market mobility, education of children, political participation, family reunion, access to nationality, health, permanent residence and anti-discrimination. The volume also includes a total of 38 country profiles.


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ISBN: 978-84-92511-45-7