Regionalismo y desarrollo en Asia

Publication date:
Seán Golden and Max Spoor [eds.]
Edicions Bellaterra

Interrogar la actualidad, n.º 12

The regional factor is understood in a dual way: on an international scale, the Asian processes of economic integration and political co-operation are examined in contrast with the European model of integration and with the trends that are currently occurring in sub-Saharan Africa; on a national scale, some paradigmatic cases, such as China, Vietnam and the Philippines, serve to illustrate the role of regional equilibrium in the creation of stability, security and development.

Seán Golden is a Lecturer in East Asian Studies at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Director of the Centre for International and Intercultural Studies (UAB), Director of the CIDOB Foundation’s Asian Programme, and advisor to Casa Àsia.

Max Spoor is a Professor at the Institute for Social Studies (ISS, The Hague), Co-ordinator of the ISS Centre for the Study of Transition and Development (CESTRAD), and an Extraordinary Lecturer (Economics of Development and Transition) at the CIDOB and IBEI Foundations, Barcelona.

ISBN: 978-84-87072-64-2