CIDOB Rerport nº 11

China and the Global South: old friends, new dynamics

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Inés Arco Escriche and Víctor Burguete (eds.)

CIDOB Report nº 11

On the tenth anniversary of the launch of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) in 2023, the Global South’s importance to China is clearer than ever in its efforts to promote a multipolar
international system and its desire to lead the challenge to the liberal international order, against a backdrop of greater geopolitical competition with the United States.

Given these new dynamics reshaping international geopolitics, this CIDOB Report examines the chief diplomatic and geoeconomic instruments that China uses in its relations with the Global South and explores how the countries that form part of this group perceive the Asian power. In order to conduct this analysis, the report takes a regional approach structured into seven geographical areas, shining a light on the changes and (in)consistencies in Chinese foreign policy in the last two decades.

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