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- Putin: we have won. Reuters(4/3/2012)

- Russia’s Election: Protests and Power. Dmitri Trenin. Carnegie Moscow Center Video Q&A. (17/2/2012)

- Fifty Seconds That Shook The Russian Internet. Radio Free Europe (17/2/2012)

- Opposition's movement in St. Petersburg. Journal Reporters. Deutsche Welle (11/2/2012)

- Hundreds get in gear in Moscow to support fair elections, TV-Novosti ( 29.01.2012)

- Pro-Putin rally attracts over 12,000 in central Russia, TV-Novosti (28.01.2012)

- Medvedev calls for major reform of Russia’s political system, TV-Novosti (22.12.2011)

- Medvédev proposes sweeping electoral reforms, TV-Novosti (22.12.2011)

- Faces of Russia's protest movement – interactive,Miriam Elder and Paddy Allen, The Guardian (22.12.2011)

- Russian protests go nation-wide. Al-Jazeera (10.12.2011)

- BBC World: Russia protests (10.12.2011)

- Russian Elections. Maria Lipman Carnegie Moscow Center (10.12.2011)

- Putin's United Russia party loses 77 seats in parliamentary electionThe Guardian video (5.12.2011)

- Acting Up! Russia’s Civil Society. Human Rights Watch (2011)

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