• BBC: A comprehensive timeline of key events in Syria from 1919-to date helps contextualize the current crisis.
  • Global R2P: A chronological list of international responses to the Syrian conflict.
  • Syrian Refugees: An interactive timeline traces the escalation of the Syrian refugee crisis.


Key Players:


  • Al- Jazeera’s in-depth Syria coverage offers latest news, analysis, videos special features, documentaries and podcasts.
  • Al-Monitor’s Syria Pulse brings together distinguished writers from the region to offer original reporting and analysis.
  • Carnegie and outside experts weigh in on the Syrian crisis and its regional and international implications.
  • The Council on Foreign Relations offers its list of must read articles on the Syrian crisis, including its own publications and expert opinions.
  • The ECFR Syria page provides a list of articles on Syria published by its experts, including a regional analysis.
  • The International Crisis Group webpage on Syria provides access to in-depth reports covering key concerns such as the composition of the Syrian opposition, the role of Jihadists in the Syrian war and many more.
  • Reuter’s special report analyses the Western response as it unfolded in the wake of the chemical weapons attack in Syria. The detailed report draws on interviews with senior western diplomats and officials to provide an inside view into the deliberations that followed after Syria had crossed the international ´red line´.
  • The SNAP platform serves as an invaluable guide for information regarding Syria’s humanitarian crisis and response.
  • Syria Deeply- a start up digital news portal-brings together journalists and technologists who use modern digital tools to add greater context and clarity to an increasingly complex crisis.


The following is a list (by no means exhaustive) of twitter accounts to follow for the latest on Syria:

  • Rania Abouzeid @Raniaab - eye witness accounts of events as they unfold in Syria
  • NMSyria @NMSyria - An activist based in Damascus, provides fast and in depth coverage
  • Syria Deeply @SyriaDeeply - Offers analysis and breaking news about Syria
  • Joshua Landis @joshua_landis - Syrian analyst provides knowledgeable insights into the Syrian conflict
  • Charles Lister @Charles_Lister - informative focus on opposition groups operating in Syria
  • Al-Jazeera @AJEnglish - Arab news network provides breaking news from around the world, including constant coverage on Syrian crisis
  • Lina Sinjab @BBCLinaSinjab - Insightful BBC journalist in Syria, though not a prolific tweeter, offers credible reports on Syria
  • Edward Dark @edwardedark - Provides eye witness accounts of clashes in Aleppo
  • Emile Hokayem @emile_hokayem - Middle East military and security analyst throws light on the Syrian war and regional security implications
  • Al-Monitor @AlMonitor - Coverage on the Syria crisis and the wider region


  • Próximo Oriente: Analysis of the Middle East and Syria in Spanish by Ignacio Álvarez Ossorio.
  • Syria Comment: Operational since 2004, this blog has emerged as a significant forum for debate on Syria by Joshua Landis.
  • The revolting Syrian: This blog gathers individual and often heart wrenching stories from the opposition’s perspective (Disclaimer: blog contains graphic images).
  • Foreign Policy: Marc Lynch provides us with a deeply informed analysis on Syria and the wider region in his blog.
  • Jadaliyya This blog offers blog posts from journalists, academics and others.
  • Traducciones de la Revolución siria: Arabic entries about Syria translated into Spanish.
  • The Syrian Observer: News hub on Syria.
  • Workshop on Syria: Conference that took place in Leigh University about Syria.
  • Un oeil sur la Syrie: A French Blog of Le Monde about Siria


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