«Our house, your house »?

Conditions and paths of access to housing for asylum seekers and refugees in Catalonia

The project has a threefold objective: 1) to generate data on the housing conditions of asylum seekers and refugees in Catalonia; 2) to understand those factors that facilitate or hinder their access to housing; and 3) to provide guidelines for the formulation of specific policies and programs in this area.

Duration: 2018-2020 (Open) Budget: 85.993,31 €


Access to housing is one of the main problems of the spanish refugee reception system.

One of the strengths of the project is its double contribution. At the academic level, the project aims to contribute to the analysis and theoretical debates on the integration trajectories of asylum seekers and refugees, introducing a multilevel perspective that takes into account the interrelation between structures, policies and practices and with a view from southern Europe.

At the social level, the project aims to influence both refugees reception policies for refugees and more generic policies in the field of housing. Given its urgent nature, the project will publish in real time the results of the research (data and infographics, academic and dissemination articles, and policy brief) in real time through an online platform.

Research areas: