Digital Democracies: At the intersection between technology, democracy and rights in the EU

DigiDem-EU is a project consisting of a cross-cutting effort to integrate the democratic challenges of the digital transformation into CIDOB’s current work on the European Union. DigiDem-EU project aims to analyse, discuss, and build citizens’ understanding and awareness on how technology impacts EU democracy, politics, civic engagement, and citizens’ rights.

Project number: 101051224 Duration: 2023-2024 (Open) Budget: 291.882,20 €


CIDOB has European integration and EU fundamental rights as one of its main areas of study and dissemination. DigiDem-EU enhances the connection between the existing working areas of CIDOB and the new challenges that digital transformation entails for our democracies.  

DigiDem-EU enhances CIDOB’s work on disinformation, and on innovative democratic approaches and tools to promote citizens’ participation. It considers how new digital rights emerging from the digitalisation process impact fundamental rights and technological governance; and it engages with citizens and communities to promote discussions and foster civic engagement. In doing so, the project contributes to citizens’ understanding of EU’s political challenges, promotes citizens’ rights and protects the Union’s values and understanding of the world, always combating any form of discrimination. The final aim is to contribute to build democratic resilience in the EU through CIDOB’s research, dissemination and engagement work.  

Funding: Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values (CERV) Programme Operating Grant, European Union

Coordinator: Barcelona Centre for International Affairs (CIDOB)

Research areas: