The Pakistani diaspora to Barcelona

Journalistic project to break stereotypes, fight against racism and highlight the contribution of the community of Pakistani origin to Barcelona.

Project number: CSO-LA/2017/388-119 Duration: 2018-2019 (Closed ) Budget: 20.000 €


The project wants to travel to the roots of the migratory phenomenon, highlight the right to work and the dignified life of these people and explain the transformative role that women are playing in the community of Pakistani origin in Barcelona through a special web with three chapters , audiovisual reportage and radio chronicles.

Groceries, hairdressers, mosques, restaurants and beer cans. The image that has a good part of the population of Barcelona of the community of Pakistani origin is born from the common places. Even the basic information about it is not general domain. The objective of the report is to bring this reality to all Catalan citizens, and recognize the value of their contribution in particular in the city of Barcelona, ​​in addition to undo stereotypes about women of Pakistani origin, which for different reasons are in the position of leading a social change. 

Researchers involved: 

Agus Morales (5W) i Anna Surinyach (5W)