The links between migration and development under debate


The CIDOB Foundation takes part in the EADI seminar on international cooperation and development from a Spanish and European perspective

EADI (European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes) held its annual meeting in Madrid on 24 April. As part of this event, the Spanish members of the network – one of which is the CIDOB Foundation – held the seminar “European Perspectives for International Development”.

The main objectives of the meeting were to compare international cooperation agendas from the European and Spanish perspective, and to establish and strengthen links between research centres that study development issues. Anna Ayuso and Gemma Pinyol (CIDOB Foundation) coordinated the work group on Migration and Development, which included the participation of Jaime Atienza (Intermón-OXFAM), Sara Bayés (FIIAPP), Marta Carballo (IUDC-UCM) and Beatrice Knerr (University of Kassel), who debated the connections between migrations and development, placing particular emphasis on the “brain drain”, the role of diasporas as agents of development, the role of remittances and the instrumentalisation of cooperation with development.

The seminar also tackled issues such as the effectiveness of development aid, international funding for development and the challenges for international cooperation in 2010, an issue that is particularly important with respect to Spain's presidency of the European Union in 2010.