Presentation of the Publication “Energy and Transportation in the Atlantic Basin” of the Jean Monnet Network of Atlantic Studies


The Center for Transatlantic Relations, based in Washington, hosts tomorrow the launch of this publication in which CIDOB participates with other leading research centres in Atlantic studies members of the network

This publication includes the results of the first thematic seminar on energy and transport from the Jean Monnet Network on Atlantic Studies in which they explored the principal intersections between energy and transportation in each of the major continental zones of the Atlantic Basin (Africa, Latin America, Europe and North America). CIDOB has contributed to this publication with the elaboration of chapter six entitled Atlantic Maritime Transportation: Impacts of the Atlantic Trade on Shipping Transport and International Regulation by Jordi Bacaria, director of CIDOB, and Natalia Soler-Huici, University of Iceland. 

The book’s analysis covers both passenger and freight transport, along with the energy and infrastructure scenarios taking shape for both land-based and maritime transportation in the Atlantic world. The book evaluates the prospects for the ‘decarbonization’ of the Atlantic transportation sectors. 

Special emphasis is placed on public transportation, modal shifts from road to rail, the electrification of passenger and freight transport, and the ongoing evolution of the maritime transportation realm. A number of pan-Atlantic cooperation schemes in the area of energy and transportation are also proposed and considered. 

The Jean Monnet Network on Atlantic Studies is an initiative across the four Atlantic continents by 10 leading EU-oriented centres –among which is CIDOB–, many with Jean Monnet professors and based in countries identified by the EU as key “strategic partners” to collaborate in interdisciplinary exploration of three emerging pan-Atlantic themes of particular relevance to the EU: energy; commercial interactions; and pan-Atlantic challenges to human security.


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