Legislative elections in Iran


Legislative elections in Iran come a few weeks after the nuclear agreement and the lift of international sanctions. Although regime hardliners will put many obstacles, these elections may confirm the popular support for the moderate line. The results will condition Iranian politics in the long term, as the Assembly of Experts, whose mandate is eight years, chooses the supreme leader. In recent years, Iran has become one of CIDOB’s research priorities and, from different perspectives, the members of our research team have analyzed the nuclear program negotiations, Iran's role as a regional power in the Middle East and its weight in the global energy dynamics. This special report includes a selection of CIDOB publications and resources that enable the reader to contextualize the latest developments in the country.

Conference Report

On the 14th of July 2015, after 18 days of continuous negotiations, Iran and major world powers signed an agreement that would prevent Iran from developing a nuclear program for military purposes and, in return, the existing sanctions on this country would be lifted. On the 16th of January 2016 the international seminar War and Peace in the 21st Century on the new role of Iran in the world organized by CIDOB took place. On the same day, the entry into force of this historic agreement was announced.

Iran and the World: Issues and Perspectives

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War and Peace in the 21st Century. Iran and the World: Issues and perspectives

CIDOB’s publications


14th July 2015 / Opinión CIDOB, n.º  342

Algeria Buffeted by Falling Oil Prices and Growing Social Unrest  Francis Ghilès, Associate Senior Researcher


29th June 2015 / Opinión CIDOB, n.º 339

Where Do we Stand on the Nuclear Negotiation between Iran and the P5+1?  Roberto Toscano, Associate Senior Researcher


20th May 2015 / Opinión CIDOB, n.º 329   

Spilling the beans, Riyadh style  Eckart Woertz, Associate Senior Researcher


9th May 2015 / Monograph, The World in Europe

Securing a good deal with Iran and beyond  Roberto Toscano and Emma Hooper, Associate Senior Researchers


April 2015 / Opinión CIDOB, nº. 322

Talking to adversaries: the US opening to Cuba and Iran  Agnieszka Nimark, Associate Senior Researcher


10th December 2014 / Opinión CIDOB, n.º 285 

The Iranian Nuclear Issue: what next?  Roberto Toscano,Associate Senior Researcher