How are the Economic, Energy and Human-Security Changes Transforming the Atlantic Space?


Discussing Atlantic economic challenges

The conference on Economics and Foreign Trade, held in Rio de Janeiro on March 22nd and 23rd, brought together renowned international experts to discuss economic changes in the Atlantic area and new opportunities for Brazil, the European Union and other actors. The sessions were attended by speakers from different countries -Portugal, Mexico, Spain, Morocco, South Africa, United States, Brazil and Belgium- allowing a broad view on the economy, synergies and exchange of experiences. 

The objective was multiple: to address the continuities and changes in commercial connectivity in the Atlantic area; compare experience with sub regional integration efforts; explore the impact of the Atlantic negotiations; and gain a greater understanding of how Asian economic involvement in the Atlantic is changing trade, investment and other economic ties. 

The event is an achievement of the ‘Jean Monnet Network on Atlantic Studies’ project, co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of European Union, which brings together 10 Research Institutions and think tanks spread across 4 continents of the Atlantic. The objective of the project is to develop a network to analyze three relevant issues in the Atlantic, of particular interest to the European Union: Energy, Economy and Human Security. 

Jean Monet 2

Also, on March 21st, experts and representatives of the project institutions coordinated a seminar for young researchers interested in international issues. Together with specialists from each area, more than 50 students from different institutions were able to discuss the challenges of energy, trade and human-security on the Atlantic Basin. The event strengthened students’ views of the Atlantic and contributed to a better understanding of the EU’s role in this area, as well as the various regional integration processes in Europe and other continents in the Atlantic basin.