Conference Report: Iran and the World: Issues and Perspectives


The 14th War and  Peace in the 21st Century seminar, held at the Palau de Pedralbes on January 16th 2016, organised by CIDOB and the Barcelona City Council in collaboration with ESADEgeo Center for Global Economy and Politics and supported by “la Caixa” Foundation assessed the current domestic context in Iran and the regional implications of the implementation of the nuclear deal reached with the international community.

The seminar was structured in two panels: ‘Iran and its neighbours, Iran and the World’; and ‘Assessing the Iranian nuclear file’. The first panel was focused on the major domestic and foreign challenges that Iran faces in the short term under Rouhani’s presidency. The following questions were addressed during the debate: What are President Rouhani's chances of successfully implementing his program of moderate reformism? What are the main challenges that Iran faces at regional and international levels? What role can Iran play in other issues at stake in the region, such as the balance of power in the Gulf, and the future of Syria and Iraq? Which role can the European Union play in this new era for Iran?  

The second panel was devoted to the Iranian nuclear file and in particular to the consequences of the historic agreement of the Iranian nuclear program. The debate was focused on the relations between Iran and the West, the effects of the lifting of the international oil and financial sanctions, the main obstacles for the full implementation of the nuclear deal, and how can Iran's regional policy change in this new phase.


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