2016 Security Jam: Beyond Conventional Security Challenges



From the 25th of April until the 1st of May, close to 2.500 policymakers and experts from 131 countries joined the 2016 Security Jam. Government representatives, stakeholders, think-tanks, businesses and civil society organisations participated in a global effort to analyse and discuss the security challenges that our societies are facing nowadays and brainstorm specific policy recommendations to face them.

The 2016 Security Jam was organised around six topics: i) Strategic foresight and earlier-warning; ii) Global partnerships for conflict prevention; iii) A regional security architecture for the Middle East; iv) Foreign military engagement 2025; v) Policing 2025: new strategies against transnational crime; vi) and Answers to radicalisation and violent extremism.

CIDOB is proud to have participated in this exercise moderating the discussion on “Global partnerships for conflict prevention” and is glad to present the 10 recommendations that emerged from the Jam, a comprehensive report of the Jam that gathers some of the overarching themes and ideas underpinned during the Security Jam’s debates, published today by Friends of Europe:

>> You can read the Executive Summary here.

>> You can read the Full report here