CIDOB’s Board of Trustees approves its Master Plan for 2022–2025

CIDOB - Jan 14, 2022

CIDOB’s Board of Trustees has unanimously approved the Master Plan that will set the institution’s course for the next four years. At a meeting on November 30th 2021 the budget and activities programme for 2022 were also approved. 

The CIDOB Master Plan (2022–2025) is the fruit of collaborative work by the entire CIDOB research team, and it aims to give continuity to the institution’s research priorities, as Pol Morillas, Director of CIDOB, set out when the document was presented to the institution’s Board of Trustees at a meeting chaired by Antoni Segura i Mas

The Master Plan, which was unanimously approved by CIDOB’s Board of Trustees, will be the reference framework for the institution's research over the next four years, at a time when, as the document begins, international thinking has never “been so necessary and yet so questioned”. CIDOB’s President and Director thanked the Board of Trustees for supporting the institution and the broader need to promote the social impact and relevance of think tanks like CIDOB. 

In this context, and based on the challenges arising from an international system in transformation, CIDOB has reorganised and systematised its strategic lines of research. They are grouped by both theme – global geopolitics and security, migrations, global cities and metropolises, and sustainable development – and region – Europe, the Greater Mediterranean, Latin America and the Atlantic area, and Asia–Pacific and Sub-Saharan Africa – and the Master Plan reflects this. 

The meeting of the Board of Trustees also approved the budget and activities programme for 2022, as well as the project to redesign the institutional website in order to better adapt it to CIDOB’s communicative needs and bring innovation, dynamism and improved visualisation to its knowledge and research. 

In 2021, despite the difficulties arising from the COVID-19 pandemic, the efforts of the entire CIDOB team helped the institution continue working at full capacity: a total of 65 events were held – face-to-face, hybrid and online; and over 80 publications were issued in its various editorial lines. CIDOB also maintained its media presence, with an average of 37 monthly impacts – over one appearance in the media per day – and consolidated the growth in visits to its website, with over 3,500,000 views. 

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