CIDOB rated 4th in global Think Tanks to Watch

CIDOB - Jan 31, 2019

The Think Tank to Watch category of the Global Go To Think Tank Index, which recognises research excellence and rewards the most innovative advances, has awarded CIDOB (Barcelona Centre for International Affairs) 4th place out of 114 centres worldwide. CIDOB's independence of thought remains one of its most commended values, helping it consolidate 8th place in the Best Independent Think Tank category out of a total of 145.

The 2018 edition of the Global Go To Think Tank Index, which evaluates the world's top think tanks, has recognised the quality and independence of CIDOB's research, awarding it 8th place in the Best Independent Think Tank category for the third consecutive year. It was also praised as one of the most innovative centres, achieving 4th place in the global Think Tanks to Watch category. 

CIDOB Director Pol Morillas highlighted the effort the institution has made in the past year to improve its innovation, internationalisation, independence, rigour and transparency “at a time when the think tank sector is facing the challenge of increasing the social impact of research”, adding that “the Global Go To Think Tank Index recognises the good work done so far and encourages us to keep improving”. 

CIDOB is ranked 37th out of the 177 Top Think Tanks in the World and 28th out of 144 non-US think tanks. 

It also rises three places in this year's Top Think Tanks in Western Europe category (to 12th out of 141) and maintains its recognition among the institutions with the Best Think Tank Network (56th out of 84).     

The Brookings Institution (US) retains its place as Top Think Tank of the Year and leads the ranking of the 177 Top Think Tanks in the World along with the French Institute of International Relations (France), the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (US), Bruegel (Belgium) and the Center for Strategic and International Studies (US). 

The Global Go To Think Tank Index Report, led by Dr James G. McGann, senior lecturer of International Studies at the Lauder Institute, director of the Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program (TTCSP) and senior fellow, Fels Institute of Government at the University of Pennsylvania, has been ranking the world’s top think tanks in different categories since 2006 and is designed to identify centres of excellence in the various fields of public policy research in every region of the world. Today it is the outstanding international index assessing the work and impact of think tanks and is the result of an open nominations process followed by review by an expert panel. 

The 2018 Global Go To Think Tank Index was officially presented this morning in Washington at 9am (3pm in Barcelona) at the headquarters of the Brookings Institution. To present those results, CIDOB, like over 280 governmental and non-governmental organisations in more than 80 countries, is organising a discussion session at 6.30pm this afternoon (Thursday January 31st). It will analyse the role of think tanks as generators of political ideasin the context of political transformation and disinformation in our society. 


The 2018 Global Go To Think Tank Index Report is available at the following address: TTCSP GLOBAL GO TO THINK TANK INDEX REPORTS