CIDOB Consolidates its Position Among the Best Think Tanks of the World

CIDOB - Jan 27, 2016

 In the 2015 edition CIDOB appears on the list of the best independent think tanks


Once again, CIDOB is among the top think tanks in the world. CIDOB repeats its 58th position in the "Global Go To Think Tank" ranking which the University of Pennsylvania produces every year. CIDOB escalates two places compared to the last year ranking, reaching the 28th position in the category that evaluates the best think tanks in the world excluding the US ones (28 over 139). CIDOB consolidates its position in Western Europe and repeats leadership in Southern Europe. 

Some of the results of the 2015 “Global Go To Think Tank” Index will be launched this morning at the World Bank (Washington D.C.) at 12.30h (18.30h in Barcelona). This index, led by Dr. James G. McGann, classifies since 2006 the world's leading think tanks in different categories and is designed to identify centres of excellence in different areas of public policy research and in every region of the world. These are the major categories of the ranking which, in turn, are divided into subcategories: Top Think Tanks in the World, Top Think Tanks by Region, Top Think Tanks by Area of Research and Top Think Tanks by Special Achievement. It has been included a new subgroup in the last category that analyses think tanks with best practices (policies and procedures) to assure the quality, independence and integrity of its policy research. 

Jordi Bacaria: “CIDOB consolidates its position as an international relations think tank in the world” 

Jordi Bacaria, director of CIDOB, greatly appreciates "CIDOB’s consolidation in the 2015 Index both in worldwide categories and in specific issues that are our working areas like international affairs and security”. This year, the index introduces a new category classifying the Best Independent Think Tanks where CIDOB is ranked. “Clearly, this acknowledges its independence and it is a reward for the effort of transparency and accountability that is being made”. Moreover, CIDOB is the number 7 out of 100 Think Tanks to Watch escalating three positions from last year index. It should also be highlighted that CIDOB appears for the first time in the category of Best Think Tank Network. 

Regarding the categories classified by area of research, CIDOB is in the position 58 out of 133 Top Think Tanks in Foreign Policy and International Affairs; and maintains the same position (50 out of 107) among the TopDefence and National Security Think Tanks

The 2015 edition of the "Global Go To Think Tank" does not present any news regarding the first five positions of the Top Think Tanks Worldwide where all the centres repeat position: Brookings Institution, US (number 1); Chatham House, UK (number 2); Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, US (number 3); Centre for Strategic and International Studies, US (number 4) and Bruegel, Belgium (number 5). 

The “Global Go To Think Tank Index” is the only international index that assesses the work and impact of the think tanks and is the result of an open nomination process followed by an experts’ commission review. The 6.846 think tanks listed in the database of the Think Tanks and Social Civil Program have been contacted and encouraged to participate, as well as more than 4.750 journalists, policy-makers, public and private donors, research centres and experts. This index also aims to evaluate the important task made by think tanks and to contribute to the creation of a transnational and interdisciplinary network. The present edition strongly emphasizes the think tanks’ need to innovate in order to remain relevant in the new times through exemplifying case studies that illustrate effective innovation strategies. 

The 2015 Global Go To Think Tank Index Report will be available at the webpage