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NEW - Jul 28, 2021

The Sahel: climate change, (in)security and migrations

What role does climate change play in the Sahel’s current instability? What are the best climate emergency adaptation strategies to promote in the area? What role does Europe play in the Central Sahel’s climate resilience, and what role could it play in the future? These are some of the questions examined by the study Climate change and resilience in the Central Sahel led by CIDOB in collaboration with the European Centre for Development Policy Management (ECDPM) and the German think tank Adelphi

The study, which has analysed the impact of climate change in this vulnerable region for a year and a half, is part of the CASCADES project studying the cascading effects of climate change and how they may affect Europe. CASCADES, in which 12 European research centres participate, is funded by the European Union’s H2020 research and innovation programme.

NEW - Jul 20, 2021

A CIDOB, ideograma and ISGlobal report analyses the role of health in global geopolitics

The CIDOB Report “Geopolitics of health: vaccines, governance and cooperation” raises the need to include geographical factors related to health in the analysis of both the structure of the international system and the priorities and actions of an increasingly diverse range of international actors. 

A collaboration between CIDOB, ideograma and ISGlobal, this publication contributes to the debate on what kind of action is needed to overcome COVID-19 and improve international governance and post-pandemic exit and reconstruction strategies.

NEW - Jul 7, 2021

The BRIDGES project kicks off its research and dissemination activities with its first video release and a publication on how to include the gender perspective in the analysis of migration narratives

BRIDGES is a Horizon 2020 project that analyses the processes of migration narratives’ production and impact in a context of increasing polarisation and politicisation around migration issues in Europe. The project released its first video on how to bridge the gaps in the study of migration narratives and the BRIDGES Guidelines on how to include the gender perspective in the analysis of migration narratives.

NEW - Jul 1, 2021

The “Programa Talent Global”: CIDOB and Banco Sabadell Foundation commit to young talent and international research

Lewin Schmitt, Lela Mélon and Inés Arco are the winners of the “Global Challenges Talent”, “21st Century Europe Talent” and “Junior Visiting Fellowship” awards, for which 95 young people from around the world competed. 

The winners received their prizes as part of the CIDOB–Banco Sabadell Foundation Dialogues, in the presence of representatives of the organising institutions who highlighted the dual commitment of the “Programa Talent Global”: to reward quality research and promote young talent to guarantee society’s progress.

NEW - Jun 2, 2021

CIDOB is seeking a Research Fellow for the Whole-COMM project on Migrations

CIDOB (Barcelona Centre for International Affairs) opens a research fellow position for its area of Migrations, in particular for the Whole-COMM project with the possibility of working on other projects. The candidate will participate in the research related to the integration processes of recently arrived immigrants in small and medium-sized towns and rural areas.