CIDOB - Sep 26, 2017


CIDOB, as an institution that emerged from civil society and which is ideologically plural, expresses its concern about the raised tensions and the risks to the democratic quality and self-government of Catalonia.

In democracy dialogue is the only possible way to reach agreement and avoid or overcome conflict. But such dialogue can only be achieved in an environment of freedom of expression, without coercion, in compliance with the law, in which the constitutional right to autonomy is guaranteed.

Respect for democracy, freedoms and fundamental rights has guided and will continue to guide our work, thought and action in the field of international relations. That is why, given current events in Catalonia and other parts of Spain, we express our opposition to the limitations on the freedom of expression and condemn the authorities’ tolerance of hate speech, violence and all actions, wherever they come from, that put at risk our society’s peaceful coexistence, which is a necessary condition for its development.