CIDOB joins the mourning of the victims of the terrorist attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils

CIDOB - Aug 18, 2017

CIDOB joins the mourning and pain of families, victims of the terrorist attacks and expresses their solidarity. We thank all those who have taken an interest in us, given the proximity to the headquarters of the CIDOB to the Ground Zero.


Since was founded, CIDOB has been a center that has worked for solidarity and peace, for refugees, immigrants, human security and freedom. For this reason, we condemn the terrorist attack and, at the same time, we reject any attempt to associate this terrorist attack with the open attitude of our society towards the refugees, as well as any ideological, religious or political option that is in favor of freedom and democracy. 

Now we have to strengthen the values of our society towards freedom and peace. It is the duty we have today with all the victims of Barcelona and also with all those who have been in other parts of the world.