Central Asia, brought closer thanks to the OAC


Casa Asia, the Royal Elcano Institute and the CIDOB Foundation set up the Observatory on Central Asia (OAC).

Casa Asia, the Royal Elcano Institute and the CIDOB Foundation have joined forces with the aim of fostering greater understanding among the Spanish public on the subject of Central Asia, a region which – geostrategically speaking – is of key importance for Europe and Asia, both for its hydrocarbon potential and for the fact that it is situated close by Russia, China and some of the most conflictive areas on the planet.

After holding several debate workshops and seminars dedicated to the region, the most visible results of the project is its website, a digital platform that incorporates regularly-updated information on the countries of Central Asia in the form of reference documents, economic and business information, links, a database of experts on the region and the agenda of the main activities held in Spain on the subject of Central Asia.

In addition to gathering political material collected by Spanish and international experts, the OAC also has access to a network of correspondents in Central Asia whose articles help to shed light on the current economic, political and social situations of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Mongolia. Furthermore, the OAC publishes a free, bimonthly news bulletin dedicated entirely to news from the countries of the region.

Another priority for the OAC is the organisation of international meetings of experts with the aim of helping to strengthen analytical capacities on the region and to broaden channels of political, economic and academic dialogue. With this aim, the CIDOB Foundation will continue to pay particular attention to the study of the internal processes, the dynamics of regional cooperation and Spain and the EU's relations with the region.

>> See website: Observatorio de Asia Central