Sustainable development


This strategic line addresses development challenges holistically, taking stock of underlying socioeconomic problems and governance challenges at local, national and international levels, within the SDGs framework for achieving the 2030 Agenda.

NEW - Nov 28, 2016

Islam, media subject

Orientalism, Islamophobia and even thinly disguised racism: the media’s treatment of Islam is criticised daily by social agents from across the ideological spectrum.

NEW - Jun 26, 2015

“More than Research”: A Review of a Commitment to Interdisciplinary Study

"More than Research" was the title of an open session of the Forum of Young Researchers in Intercultural Dynamics, which was held on June 18 at CIDOB. The Forum was for professors and young researchers to think and discuss about research done so far in this space and to discuss how to continue in the future. 

NEW - May 28, 2015

Tourism: Local Perspectives and Global Trends


“There are no experts in tourism, we are all learners”. This affirmation of Agustín Santana reveals the attitude by which the participants of the seminar “Tourism: local perspectives and global trends" focused the phenomenon of tourism in its many facets to situate moments, experiences and tourism practices in different contexts. The conference organized on 21st May by CIDOB and supported by the Europe for Citizens program wonder “if the tourist when he travels is a traveller or something more”, or if nowadays “the tourist has become a mere consumer”.

NEW - Apr 13, 2015

Europe is indeed diversity

Europe is indeed diversity; a multiplicity of identities with their own memories and desires of belonging. 

NEW - Dec 13, 2013

Challenges for Research on Media, Migration and Intercultural Dialogue

On 27th November, a Training Workshop on «Methodology for Research on Media, Migration and Intercultural Dialogue» took place at CIDOB. It was mainly targeted towards PhD students but open to every person interested in the topic. The workshop was a one-day event organised in collaboration with the Institute on Globalization, Culture and Mobility of the United Nations University Barcelona (UNU-GCM), in the framework of a conference held during the previous two days (25th and 26th November).

NEW - Nov 13, 2012

Latin America and Europe: The Challenges of Globalization, the SMEs as Drivers of Growth

The 2012 edition (Barcelona, 19-20 October) of the Seminar known by its Spanish acronym ADI (Agenda de Desarrollo Iberoamericana) focused, as always, on the debate and analysis of the economic and social perspectives in Latin American countries, but with an added twist: a reflection on what can Latin America and Europe do together, economically and politically, under the current circumstances to the benefit of both.

NEW - Apr 11, 2012

Decentralised Cooperation and Aid Effectiveness– Progress and challenges of sub-state actors in the post-Busan cooperation agenda

The ART Initiative of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), CIDOB, the main world networks of local and regional governments (UCLG and ORU-FOGAR) together with a large number of decentralised cooperation (DC) actors met once again in Barcelona on 23 March with representatives of the main multilateral organisations promoting the debate on the effectiveness of development aid at the international level, such as the OECD and UN DESA, to prepare the way for the Third Development Cooperation Forum (DCF) of the UN's Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), to be held in New York on 5-6 July.

  • European Trail

    European Trail

    Realidades emergentes en el espacio europeo

    During the trio EU-presidency in 2010-2011 of Spain, Belgium and Hungary, a common project has been initiated to explore, in a multidisciplinary and open reflection, the emergence of Europe in a context of globalization, deterritorialization and complex cultural dynamics. The reflection about contemporary Europe should rise above the level of issues such as identity, ethnic conflicts, the nation state, religious tolerance and essentialist cultural values. The current reality asks for a focus on interactions in multiple contexts and networks – a focus on Europe as an agora of multiple interactions or Europe as a dynamic and complex system’.

  • Foro jovenes investigadores

    Foro de jóvenes investigadores en dinámicas interculturales

    Soporte y estímulo para la investigación en diferentes disciplinas de las ciencias sociales

    Desde el año 2003 un grupo de jóvenes investigadores en dinámicas interculturales introdujo la idea de celebrar un Foro de Doctorandos: una propuesta de soporte y estímulo para la investigación en diferentes disciplinas de las ciencias sociales. A iniciativa de los propios estudiantes, coordinados por CIDOB, se han ido organizando múltiples sesiones de trabajo, conferencias, workshops y publicaciones. Entre los temas que se abordan, se ha tenido en cuenta las dinámicas y los procesos y sus resonancias en y desde otros lugares y desde diversas disciplinas. El evento central del Foro es el Training seminar que tiene como objetivos constituir un espacio de reflexión colectiva y facilitar la visibilidad de jóvenes investigadores; ser un espacio de formación donde jóvenes investigadores puedan contrastar metodologías, conclusiones y permitir, mediante su discusión y revisión, su posterior publicación.

  • Inter-professional Experiences

    Inter-professional Experiences

    Social context of increasing diversity and complexity of the environment

    In the social context of increasing diversity and complexity of the environment, the main challenge faced today by professionals is that of learning how best to recognize and manage the differences that separate them

  • Retos socioculturales del siglo XXI

    Retos socioculturales del siglo XXI

    El ciclo de conferencias “Retos socioculturales para el siglo XXI” cuestiona si ¿Existe la posibilidad, en un contexto transnacional, de crear referencias comunes y democráticas de convivencia?¿Hasta dónde se puede compartir el ámbito transnacional en una actualidad de creciente movilidad, interaccion y conexiones multiples?

  • Seminario internacional permanente de dinámicas interculturales

    Seminario internacional permanente de dinámicas interculturales

    Debate interdisciplinar

    A partir de temas concretos con dimensión intercultural se propone un debate interdisciplinar (seminarios y conferencias), al que se invitan expertos y profesionales de diferentes campos relacionados con las dinámicas interculturales.

  • Wise Cities - A glocal think tank network


    A glocal think tank network

    WISE CITIES is a pioneer urban-based project led by a global network of think tanks and research institutions aimed at providing responses to the challenges of sustainable and inclusive development and citizens well-being, through research, knowledge sharing and policy analysis.

  • Sociedad más diversa, ¿sociedad menos solidaria?

    Hablaremos de condiciones y formas de solidaridad, de límites y amenazas, y de la relación de solidaridad entre “propios” y “ajenos”, entre lo interno y lo externo. Repensaremos la solidaridad, contextualizando el concepto en nuevas realidades, interacciones e interdependencias. Paralelamente, proponemos un trabajo crítico a partir de experiencias, fenómenos e intereses para, entre todos, pensadores, planificadores y actores, producir bases de un nuevo horizonte de civismo solidario.

  • Foro Europa Cuba / Jean Monnet Network

    The Europe-Cuba Forum is an initiative that began in 2017 and involves a consortium of 11 leading institutions with consolidated experience in researching Cuban affairs and relations between Europe and Cuba


    CAScading Climate risks: towards ADaptive and resilient European Societies

    CASCADES analyzes the impact of climate change on livelihoods, economies and political systems outside Europe, the implications of such impact for Europe and what European foreign policy could do to mitigate associated risks.

  • The Pakistani diaspora to Barcelona

    Journalistic project to break stereotypes, fight against racism and highlight the contribution of the community of Pakistani origin to Barcelona.


    CIDOB-OCP Policy Center partnership project

    The CIDOB-OCP Policy Center partnership project deals with the Western Mediterranean Cooperation and Integration Potential. Within this framework it focuses on sustainable agriculture, food security and the water-energy-food nexus in particular.



    Rural Development, Food Security and Political Stability in Iraq

    Rural Development, Food Security and Political Stability in Iraq (RUDEFOPOS-IRAQ) is a project that is funded by a Marie Curie grant of the European Commission. It analyzes current challenges of food security in Iraq, opinions about such challenges among Iraqi academics and experts and the history of the multilateral UN embargo against Iraq in the 1990s based on Iraqi archival sources.

  • Transition to solar energy in the Mediterranean


    Transition to solar energy in the Mediterranean

    This project examines the processes of socio-technical transition to solar energy in the Mediterranean region with a specific focus on sector policy reform, investment risks, the limits and potential of regional cooperation.

  • Derechos Culturales y políticos pueblos indígenas

    Desarrollo y recursos en territorios indígenas

    Derechos culturales y políticos de los pueblos indígenas y su impacto en la gestión de recursos medioambientales

    Desarrollo y recursos en territorios indígenas. Un trabajo comparado desde los derechos, la participación de las Comunidades y los impactos de las intervenciones de agentes públicos y privados.

  • RE-DEV – Assessing the transition to renewable energy in Rapidly Developing Countries


    Assessing the transition to renewable energy in Rapidly Developing Countries

    The RE-DEV project builds knowledge on how to facilitate a sustained transition to renewable energy in Rapidly Developing Countries.