Global cities and metropolises


Cities and metropolises have ceased to be merely local actors and have become laboratories for global solutions. In particular, CIDOB analyses cities in global governance and cities’ socioeconomic and environmental challenges.

Nota Internacional CIDOB nº 274 NOTES INTERNACIONALS - 05/2022

Towards an “ideal network” of cities

Agustí Fernández de Losada, Senior Researcher and Director of the Global Cities Programme, CIDOB and Eugene Zapata Garesché, Global Director of Strategic Partnerships, Resilient Cities Network

NEW - Jul 26, 2022

Programa Ciudades Globales de CIDOB: Puesta en marcha del Observatorio Global de la Inteligencia Artificial Urbana

El pasado miércoles 20 de julio, el centro Ca l’Alier acogió la puesta en marcha del Observatorio Global de la Inteligencia Artificial Urbana (GOUAI), una iniciativa liderada por el Programa Ciudades Globales de CIDOB, en colaboración con el Ayuntamiento de Barcelona, cuyo principal objetivo es profundizar en la investigación y difundir las mejores prácticas en la aplicación ética de la inteligencia artificial en las ciudades. El GOUAI, por sus siglas en inglés, está impulsado por las ciudades de Barcelona, Londres y Ámsterdam en el marco de la Coalición de Ciudades por los Derechos Digitales, y cuenta también con la participación de ONU-Hábitat.

NEW - Oct 5, 2021

In preparation for COP26, CIDOB holds a two-day workshop on how to better integrate the green and digital transitions in cities

  • CIDOB’s Global Cities Programme and Barcelona City Council, in cooperation with the British Embassy in Spain and Glasgow City Council, and in partnership with C40 Cities and Eurocities, organise a two-day workshop in preparation for the 26th UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) that will be held in Glasgow next month. 
  • The workshop brings together local policymakers experts, and representatives from private sector organisations to discuss how to drive and harmonise the green and digital transitions in cities. The conclusions of the workshop will be presented at Glasgow City Council during COP26.

  • Wise Cities - A glocal think tank network


    A glocal think tank network

    WISE CITIES is a pioneer urban-based project led by a global network of think tanks and research institutions aimed at providing responses to the challenges of sustainable and inclusive development and citizens well-being, through research, knowledge sharing and policy analysis.