Sean Golden

Associate Senior Researcher

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Professional experience

PhD in Literature Theory, University of Connecticut (USA). Lecturer in East Asian Studies, Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) and ex-Dean of the Faculty of Translation and Interpreting (UAB); Director of the Institute for International and Intercultural Studies (UAB); Member of the Advisory Board of Casa Asia (Barcelona); Patron of the Fundación Consejo España-China; Member of the Board of Directors, Venice International University. Member of the Advisory Board of the ASEM Educational Hub (ASEM); Member of the Board of Directors of the European Research School Network of Contemporary East Asian Studies. His research work involves different research projects on comparative cultural studies and the construction of political discourse in China, as well as the study of intercultural dynamics in the information society. He collaborates regularly with institutions and the media as one of the leading experts on China based in Spain.

Reset Dialogues on Civilizations - Aug 30, 2021

China’s Moment of Truth in ‘Post-Western’ Afghanistan

“The fall of Kabul confirms both the failure of Euroamerican efforts to dominate the region and an inevitable and irreversible decline of Euroamerican hegemony over the twenty-first century world order. It also re-focuses attention on the importance of the Afro-Eurasian land mass as the centre of world Affairs” Seán Golden, Associate Senior Researcher at CIDOB (Barcelona Centre for International Affairs).

esglobal - Dec 21, 2017

Diez temas que marcarán la agenda internacional en 2018

Hace años que intuimos una crisis del orden global pero en 2018 los síntomas se manifestarán con mayor frecuencia e intensidad. A ello contribuirán algunas corrientes de fondo, como los vacíos de poder que deja un Estados Unidos en retirada, la cuarta revolución industrial o una creciente vulnerabilidad digital.