Carlota Cummella de Montserrat


  • Thematic lines of research: Migrations.

Professional experience

Carlota Cumella de Montserrat is a Researcher at the Migrations Area of CIDOB since September 2020. Carlota has a double degree in Law and Global Governance from ESADE University (Barcelona) and the Center for Transnational Legal Studies (King's College, London) and holds a Master of Law (December 2020), with a specialization in international protection and asylum law at a European comparative level. Before joining CIDOB, she has worked for the Center for Study of the Presidency and Congress (Washington D.C.), CÀRITAS Diocesana de Barcelona, and HIAS (Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, Costa Rica) as legal advisor for asylum seekers. Currently, she works in different European projects that analyse integration policies for migrants and refugees, by means of indicators.


    Regions for Migrants and Refugees Integration

    The REGIN project analyzes the role of regions in the integration of migrants and refugees in order to establish a framework of actions and tools to verify a successful integration process.