Berta Güell


  • Thematic lines of research: Migrations.
  • Geographical lines of research: Europe.

Professional experience

Researcher in the area of Migrations of CIDOB. Doctor in Sociology with an extraordinary award from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) and specialised in ethnic entrepreneurship and the Pakistani community in Spain, she has extensive research experience in migration studies. She has recently undertaken two investigations on forced and arranged marriages (Recercaixa), and on descendants of Asian background (Josep Irla Postdoctoral Fellowship) at CER-Migracions, UAB. She has previously worked on several European projects related to the phenomenon of migration and social exclusion at the European Social Research Unit of the University of Barcelona (UB). She is coordinator of the Labour Market and Immigration Module of the Interuniversity Master in Contemporary Migration of CER-Migracions and has previously been an associate lecturer at the Faculty of Education of the UB.    

  • NIEM


    All in for integration

    The National Integration Evaluation Mechanism (NIEM), Measuring and improving integration of beneficiaries of international protection is a six-years long transnational project which aims to prepare key actors in the integration field in 15 EU Member States to better face the current challenges and improve the integration outcomes of beneficiaries of international protection. Conflict situations tend to last longer and it takes currently on average 17 years, before refugees fleeing civil wars may eventually have a chance to return to their home country. Hence, the long-term integration of newly arrived beneficiaries of international protection is without alternative and presents an immediate challenge for European societies.

  • Admigov


    Advancing Alternative Migration Governance

    ADMIGOV aims to promote an alternative migration governance model studying the reality of existing polices and practices on the ground.


    Assessing the production and impact of migration narratives

    The main objective of BRIDGES is to understand the causes and consequences of migration narratives in a context of increasing politicization and polarization

Voa News - May 20, 2021

Language barriers, fear keep Spain’s migrants from getting COVID vaccine

Spain, one of the early epicenters the COVID pandemic, has been rushing to get its population vaccinated. Thirty-three percent now have received at least a first dose. But aid agencies and advocates estimate many of the country’s one million undocumented migrants are not getting vaccinated because of fear. Berta Güell, researcher at CIDOB, analyses it.