Politics and passions: the stakes of democracy

3 February 2010 - 19:00h
LOCATION: Auditorium of La Pedrera de Caixa Catalunya. Passeig de Gràcia, 92. 08008 Barcelona
ORGANIZED BY: Intercultural Dynamics -CIDOB and the Obra Social de Caixa Catalunya


Lecture by Chantal Mouffe

Part of the series of lectures: Sociocultural challenges of the 21st century

In this lecture, Chantal Mouffe will be expounding on the main issues of the competitive model of democracy which was created as an alternative to the aggregative, deliberative models. She will explain why she believes that liberal thought is necessarily blind to the political, on the grounds of its rationalism, and is incapable of properly conceiving the nature of democracy. She will also be examining the negative consequences of this perspective for democratic politics.
Chantal Mouffe is a specialist in political theory, and is considered to be among today’s most renowned poststructuralist philosophers and contemporary political scientists. A graduate of the Catholic University of Louvaine and the University of Essex, she currently teaches Political Theory at the University of Westminster (United Kingdom). Together with Ernesto Laclau, she is the co-author of Hegemony and Social Strategy, Towards a Radicalization of Democracy (1985), while she is also the author of such works as The Return of the Political (Community, Citizenship, Pluralism, Radical Democracy) (1993), The Democratic Paradox (2000) and On the Political (Thinking in Action) (2007).


All those interested in attending the lecture can confirm by calling the Obra Social de Caixa Catalunya on 902 400 973.


Politics and passions: the stakes of democracy PERFORMED ACTIVITY