Global cities and Spatial Segregation: Resistances, Alternatives

What actors and processes are behind the deepening of socio-spatial inequalities in global cities? How can they be tackled? Dialogue between Ada Colau, Josep Ramoneda and Teresa Caldeira

27 September 2018 - 18:00h
LOCATION: CIDOB, sala Jordi Maragall, Elisabets 12,08001 Barcelona
ORGANIZED BY: CIDOB with the support of the Barcelona City Council



Far from being neutral, the territory of the city is subject to disputes between different actors: inhabitants, users, tourists, traders and financiers, amongst others. The resulting cartography of power is expressed in the proliferation of marginalized peripheries and in the development of areas of great financial value but no use value, in degraded urban centres or, on the contrary, in historic centres transformed into theme parks for mass consumption.

As a consequence, growing processes of exclusion, segregation and gentrification are becoming increasingly spatially manifest. These processes are provoking multiple types of social, cultural, political and institutional responses. Interesting collective and creative reappropriations are taking place and alternatives being constructed which are worth analysing.

During the dialogue “Global Cities and Spatial Segregation: Resistances, Alternatives”, the mayor of Barcelona, Ada Colau, the philosopher Josep Ramoneda and the professor of UC Berkeley Teresa Caldeira, moderated by the journalist of Crític Sergi Picazo will explore the ways in which these tendencies that, beyond contextual differences, are shaping cities around the world, can be tackled.

>> The international seminar “The new challenges of global cities”  will take place on the 28th September.

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Teresa Caldeira

Teresa Caldeira

Chair and professor of City and Regional Planning, UC Berkeley

Ada Colau

Ada Colau

Mayor of Barcelona

Sergi Picazo

Sergi Picazo

Journalist, Crític

Josep Ramoneda

Josep Ramoneda

Journalist, philosopher and writter

Antoni Segura

Antoni Segura

President, CIDOB

Global cities and Spatial Segregation: Resistances, Alternatives PERFORMED ACTIVITY

18:00h Opening

Antoni Segura, President, CIDOB

Ada Colau, Mayor of Barcelona 

18:15h Debate “Global cities and Spatial Segregation: Resistances, Alternatives”

Moderator:    Sergi Picazo, Journalist, Crític

Ada Colau, Mayor of Barcelona
Josep Ramoneda, Journalist, philosopher and writter
Teresa Caldeira, Chair and Professor of City and Regional Planning, UC Berkeley